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Pinawa Heritage Sundial Conceptual Design
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As with any community project, there are a lot of individuals who donate a significant amount of time to get the job done. It would be great if all that was required is time. However, we all know that this is not the case. There are always materials to buy and the services of people who must be called in to make the project a success.

First we would like to acknowledge the Local Government District of Pinawa. The LGD has provided the land for the site of the Pinawa Heritage Sundial. As well the, LGD along with the Pinawa Implementation Committee (PIC) and the Pinawa Community Development Corporation (PCDC) have offered their assistance in certain areas throughout the life of the project.

We would also like to thank the many volunteers who have participated in this project. Without the enthusiastic help of these individuals the undertaking of a project such as this would be almost impossible. Please visit our volunteers page and see who has helped.

The Pinawa Heritage Sundial is very fortunate to have the sponsorship of the Canada Millennium Bureau, the Winnipeg River Brokenhead Community Futures Development Corporation and Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism. These organizations have contributed funds toward the design and construction of the project. These funds have gone a long way to making the sundial a reality but there is still a significant amount of money which must be raised.

In order to raise the funds required to complete the project, we need your help! We have had a lot of positive comments about the sundial project and contributions have started to come in. But still a significant amount of money has yet to be raised.

A number of fundraising activities have been organized. We invite you to read about them and then please become involved. We do need your help.

Every individual or business contributing toward the project through any of these fundraising activities will have their name listed on this site. If your business has a web site we will also provide a link to it.

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