The Pinawa Heritage Sundial

Pinawa Heritage Sundial Conceptual Design
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Interpretive Display

The sundial has many images with great significance to our community. In order for visitors to better appreciate the sundial, interpretive signage was required. Through funding assistance from Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism as well as assistance from the LGD of Pinawa, AECL Underground Research Laboratory (URL), AECL Whiteshell Laboratories and numerous volunteers, an impressive interpretive display was constructed in 2003.

The interpretive display consists of seven polished granite tablets, each one 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. The tablets are mounted on a concrete display located at the north end of the sundial. The tablets give a general description of the sundial, how to use the sundial and short descriptions of the icons.

In addition, with funding assistance from Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism, a quantity of interpretive guides were printed and are available at the entrance to the sundial. This guide is available on this site and can be downloaded. Look for the link below.

Interpretive Display

Drawings were prepared for all the tablets using CorelDRAW. These were done by Fred Bilsky who also made full scale plots for editing purposes. A memorial supplier sandblasted the polished granite tablets which came from a local granite quarry. The granite is the same as that used on the sundial base.

The concrete pad that was required for the concrete display base was built by the LGD, URL personnel Larry Rolleston and Glen Snider and volunteers Wilson Tiede, Harry Noel and Carl Sabanski.

The concrete base was constructed and assembled by URL personnel and donated to the project. The following men participated in this phase of the project: Dennis Bilinsky, Darcey Dooley, Paul Gombar, Kirk Haugen, Glen Karklin, Shawn Keith, Clifford Kohle, Larry Rolleston and Glen Snider. The base was completely built and assembled at the URL, disassembled and moved to the sundial site and reassembled. This help was greatly appreciated and made it possible to have a very nice base. Reassembly of the base also involved volunteers Gib Drynan and Carl Sabanski.

The granite tablets were transported from the quarry to the sandblaster and then to the sundial site by the LGD of Pinawa. The tablets were attached to the base using a special epoxy by volunteers Gib Drynan and Carl Sabanski.  

Interpretive Display - Front Interpretive Display - Back

Laser cut steel cutouts are attached to the front and back of the display to enhance its appearance.

Entrance Stone The sundial entrance character stone is a 76" tall - approximately 4,000 pound grey piece of limestone (Tyndal stone). The stone was moved from the quarry to the site by the LGD.

A granite tablet displays the location of the sundial as well as the motto.

Below the tablet is a stainless steel pamphlet holder that was made by Ervin Hemminger and Glenn Graham.  Many interpretive guides have been distributed since the holder has been installed.


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