Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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Welcome! Thanks for coming by to visit us at "Sunny Day U", or SDU as it's known around these parts. It's great to see you! Here at "Sunny Day U" we want to help you with your dialling project.  Whether you are a student working on a class project or if you want to build a simple sundial just to see if it will work we hope that you will find what you need here.

There are a variety of sundial projects you can choose from as well as a variety of methods that you can use to construct them. You can learn something from each one of them. You can also check out the "SDU Cool Tools"!

 Graphical SundialsSundial KitsSundial Software

For both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

Paper sundial kits for 21 types of sundials available in 74 models.

Some of the many sundial models.

Equatorial Sundial, Polar Sundial, Cycloid Polar Sundial, Cross Sundial, Equatorial Ring Sundial, Star Sundial, Horizontal/Analemmatic Sundial, CD Sundial, Gnomon-less Equatorial Sundial, Universal Analemmatic Sundial, Digital Equatorial Sundial, Standard Time Equatorial Sundial, Globe Sundial, Universal Ring Sundial, Pinwheel Equatorial Sundial, Universal Horizontal Sundial, Universal Foster-Lambert Sundial, Universal Bifilar Sundial, Standard Time Equatorial Ring Sundial, Universal Hours Before Sunset Sundial


Virtual Sundials

Check out the virtual sundials page.

Every solar time sundial needs a "Correct-A-Dial" !

SDU "Cool Tool" "Correct-A-Dial" Calculator SDU "Cool Tool"

Or a "Correct-A-Dial II"!

SDU "Cool Tool" "Correct-A-Dial II" SDU "Cool Tool"

Equation of Time & Longitude Correction

Need help with your sundial project?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Dialling Buddy" SDU "Cool Tool"

You need a "Dialling Buddy"!

Do you want to build a sundial but feel lost?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Dialling Guides" SDU "Cool Tool"

Let a "Dialling Guide" show you the way!

Over 2500 Horizontal, Vertical North, South, East & West, Polar, Double Gnomon Polar,
 Analemmatic (Human Sundial), Shadow Plane & Equatorial Ring Sundial Templates...PLUS MORE!

Which way does that wall go?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Wall Declinometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

The "Wall Declinometer" will let you know!

Planning a "Quest for Sundial"?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Check-A-Dial" SDU "Cool Tool"

Don't forget to take the "Check-A-Dial"! need to find the true north-south line.

SDU "Cool Tool" "SNOURTHometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

Sleuth it out with the "SNOURTH-ometer"!

Are you inclined to build an inclining sundial?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Inclinometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

First find the inclination with the "Inclinometer"!

Learning about sundials is a lot of fun and making your own simple sundial that will actually work is even more fun and a lot easier than you think.  "Sunny Day U" has something for diallists of all ages. There you will find "Easy Make Sundials" and "Long Hand Sundials". There are also a number of great paper sundial kits. In no time you will be building your very own sundial. And don't forget to get your "Correct-A-Dial" calculator and "Dialling Buddy".

So get "Hooked on Gnomonics" at "Sunny Day U".  Our door is always open.

Come on in to "Sunny Day U"!

Come on in to "Sunny Day U"!


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