Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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Extreme Dialling

Just what is "Extreme Dialling"?

Every sundial is unique in its own way. But an "Extreme Sundial" is really out of the ordinary ... unusual ... extreme! This could be in its design and/or construction. If you think you have an "Extreme Sundial" send a photo and tell us what you think makes it extreme.

Extreme Sundial #2 - CANSTRUCTION Polo Park Sundial

What do get when you give a group of talented and energetic individuals a bunch of cans and ask them to use their imaginations? An entire array of awesome sculptures and an unbelievable food and fund raising event! That's Canstruction Winnipeg.

The event took place at the Polo Park Shopping Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba from October 12-20, 2007. Canned food proceeds went to Winnipeg Harvest and net cash proceeds shared between Winnipeg Harvest and Winnipeg's local Habitat for Humanity. Canada Safeway contributed up to 5000 units of canned, bagged, bottled and boxed food for each sculpture. Local businesses, including engineering and architectural firms, provided incredible volunteers who designed and constructed these "canned" works of art. Check it out!

Canstruction Winnipeg 2007

CANSTRUCTION Winnipeg 2007

One of the sculptures just happened to be a model of a sundial that once existed outside the Polo Park Shopping Centre. The sundial was designed and built by volunteers from SMS Engineering Ltd. The SMS "CANdo Crew" included the following individuals: Andrew Tunny, Bryan Smith, Darrell Steinke, David Hawkes, George Okabe, Imre Naphegyi, Jesse Sandhu, Alain Proulx, Russell Lavitt. The name of their sculpture is "Time to Make a Change" and was provided with the following description:

"The original merchants of Polo Park had a keen desire to beautify the shopping centre with artistic creations. This resulted in the commission of seven works of art by local artists. The most prominent of these works was a giant sundial designed by Winnipeg artist Jim Willer that was situated at the south entrance of the shopping centre. We have recreated the sundial here to remind everyone who sees it that it is Time to Make a Change."

Their inspiration came from the Jim Willer's equatorial sundial shown in the the following image.

Polo Park Sundial

Polo Park Sundial

Being an engineering firm, and having individuals who are very experienced with CAD software, they created a 3-dimensional drawing of the sundial they wanted to build. The sculpture had to fit in a space ten feet square. Using this drawing. an estimate was made of the number and kind of cans required to build the sculpture. Cans of food were obtained and the SMS "CANdo Crew" was good to go.

SMS Polo Park Sundial Model

SMS CANSTRUCTION Polo Park Sundial Model

Some preliminary construction work was done at the SMS office but final assembly was done on site at the Polo Park Shopping Centre. The sundial's base is about 8 feet in diameter and it's gnomon extends to a height of about 8 feet. Approximately 1800 cans were required to complete the sundial.

SMS Polo Park Sundial

SMS Polo Park Sundial

SMS Polo Park Sundial


I spent some time in the mall and it was exciting to hear all the wonderful comments people made about the sundial and all the other sculptures. The sundial, along with 10 other sculptures, were on display for 9 days. They were then dismantled and the food was given to Winnipeg Harvest. It was a winning event for many.