Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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Star Sundial Kit

Star of David Sundial: a monumental dial similar in concept to the cross dial, except that the six-pointed star with 60 angles gives opportunities for numerous dials. 

The star sundial is a universal sundial and can be used anywhere in the world. All you have to do is position it correctly and it will tell you the time. The star sundial actually consists of any number of polar sundials.

This particular star sundial is called the Star Of David sundial.  It has six points and twelve sides. Each point of star is an equilateral triangle, with all three sides being equal, and as result each side will indicate the time for two hours before the shadow moves to another side. There will never be a shadow on more than one side at a time.

If the star sundial were located beyond the Arctic or Antarctic Circle, where the sun would illuminate it for 24 hours a day during periods of the year, hour lines would be shown on all the sides. In the case of the Star of David sundial each side would indicate the time for two hours (2x12=24 hours) with all sides being illuminated during the day. The edge of each point would cast a shadow on two specific sides.

Figure 1 shows the Kit that you will use to make your own star sundial. This Kit is a little more complex to assemble but with care and patience it can be done without too much difficulty. Just follow the instructions.

Figure 1: Star Sundial Kit

Figure 1: Star Sundial Kit (CAD)

We have made up two kits so that you can build a star sundial for the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. All you need are scissors, cardboard, glue and tape. If you would like to download a PDF file of the "Star Sundial Kit" just open the door that works for you. 

Star Sundial Kit - Northern Hemisphere Star Sundial Kit - Southern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere

When you have completed the sundial all you have to do is set up and it will tell you solar time. Check out the cross sundial for instructions on how to install your star sundial. It's exactly the same. 

Here's what the sundial will look like once you have finished making it. This one is located in the Northern Hemisphere and positioned for a latitude of 50.

Star Sundial - Northern Hemisphere - June - 11:30 A.M.

Northern Hemisphere - June - 11:30 A.M.

Star Sundial - Northern Hemisphere - July - 7:00 P.M.

Northern Hemisphere - July - 7:00 P.M.

Happy Dialling!