Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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Virtual Sundials: Krzysztof Igras

Krzysztof Igras is part of a team of individuals who have formed an informal "Polish Sundial Society". Their intent is to make people aware of the sundials in Poland and to provide information on the history, construction and other interesting facts associated with these sundials as well as sundials in general.

The following 3D sundials were created by Krzysztof using software called 3DMax. They are very detailed and beautiful. If you wish to see more visit "Zegary Sloneczne".

The images were provided by another member of this Polish sundial team, Marcin Egert.

Analemmatic Sundial This is a virtual sundial of an actual analemmatic sundial that was built.

This is a virtual sundial of cube sundial. The vertical direct south and west sundials are visible. The sphere on the top surface could be a globe sundial but the gnomon, which is usually a narrow vane, is not visible. Cube Sundial

Digital Equatorial Sundial This is a virtual sundial of a digital equatorial sundial. The time is indicated as the hour numbers move across the "N-S" line at the centre of dial plate.

This virtual sundial consists of two sundials. The vertical sundial with the analemma is a noon mark. The gnomon is a circular disc with an aperture located at its centre. A small beam of light is used to indicate zonal solar noon and possibly the date when it is on the analemma. The obelisk is the gnomon for a horizontal sundial. The hour lines and declination lines are visible. The shadow point at the very top of the sphere indicates both the time and date. Obelisk Sundial