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The analemmatic sundial presented on this page is the City of Penticton's Solar Timepiece located at Skaha Beach. Penticton is located in the province of British Columbia which is on the west coast of Canada.

The Skaha Solar Timepiece was designed by Vancouver sculptor Gwen Boyle. The sundial was built in 1984, however, it underwent some major renovations in 1998. All of the original wood posts were rotting and were replaced with concrete posts. In addition, a new deck was constructed.

The following are excerpts taken from the Skaha Solar Timepiece brochure.

Skaha Solar Timepiece Skaha Solar Timepiece literally "turns back the clock" by the use of the Analemma to measure Apparent Solar Time. It is a very large sundial that combines science, people and the sun in a unique and playful manner.

It is a reminder too, that between earth and sun are shadows, silently tracing the earth's motions in the universe.

An Analemma is "a graduated scale of the sun's declination and of the the equation of time for each day of the year shaped in the figure 8". It is from the writing of the ancient Greek mathematician Ptolemy. In 1506 A.D., the first Analemmatic Dial was designed by LeLande in Bourg en Bresse, France, where it still stands. It uses a metal rod as a gnomon.

The horizontal structure of wood and metal is 65' x 35' and consists of two parts. The hour posts, which form an ellipse, mark out in degrees the earth's rotation on its axis. The rectangular form contains the Analemma which charts the earth's annual orbit around the sun. These components, together with you performing as a moveable shadow-casting gnomon, will indicate Pacific Standard Time.

The Analemma

The Gnomon What makes this sundial different is YOU. Sundials usually tell time by its gnomon - a triangular plate or pin by which its shadow indicates the time. Here, YOU ARE THAT GNOMON. It is your shadow that measures the time when you stand on the Anallema, or solar calendar.
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