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The two reflected sundials presented on this page are located in the home of Reinhold R. Kriegler. The dials are located at latitude 5306'53" N and longitude 853'54" E. 

These are two beautiful sundials that required a lot of hard work to create.

This photographs and information were provided by Reinhold Kriegler who who designed and built both sundials.  The following is what Reinhold had to say about his dials.

"Everybody who has built their own sundial for the house wall or garden has created something which makes him and others happy. The first phrase which is running at the NASS homepage says "Tis nothing but a magic shadow show".

To have your own sundial, at least one on the window sill, creates happiness. However, to live within a sundial is absolutely the best! And if you are living within two sundials, it is even better! I was dreaming of having a reflected sundial for my room. As my room, situated under the roof with a sloping wall, provided lots of difficult to handle areas in order to copy the data, I was happy when my friend Dietrich Ahlers offered to build a laser tool that would allow us to draw the hour lines on the walls. With the help of his Tridux 2000 I was able to construct my first reflected sundial.

For more information about the Tridux 2000, please have a look at:

As there was another little Italian mirror left, we decided to build another sundial in another little room in the house. This sundial, however, works only half a year, when the sun is in a low position. When the sun is in a higher position the roof prevents a meeting with the mirror.

The hour lines of both sundials cover walls, a door, cupboards, the ceiling and a walk out into the corridor for the two o'clock line.

It is so beautiful being in the room and watching the little sunspot as it glides slowly through the room. Every cloud, every little branch of a tree in the garden is carefully mirrored to the wall!"

The reflectiive mirror ring.
A couple of hour lines.

This is an imaginative way of positioning a mirror for a reflected dial. Have it be part of a sculpture.

Two of the hour lies are visible in the photo to the right as well as the sun spot reflected from the ring. The complexity of laying out the hour lines on the ceiling and walls can be seen.

Noon Analemma with Sun Spot Motto

On the left you can see a portion of the noon analemma with the sun spot clearly visible. The Zodiac symbols and the motto above make a beautiful addition to the sundial.

The motto reads: "ME SOL, TE UMBRA REGIT"

This sundial is registered at Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie (DGC), Arbeitskreis Sonnenuhren. The DGC number is 11682. The sundial was built in 2000/2001.

The reflective mirror. A couple of hour lines.

The mirror for this second reflected dial looks like a small candle in its holder. Two of the hour lines are visible in the second photo with the sun spot directly on the noon hour line.

Noon Line with Sun Spot Motto

A closer view of the noon hour line and motto shows the Zodiac symbols used in this dial.


This sundial is registered at Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie (DGC), Arbeitskreis Sonnenuhren. The DGC number is 11683. The sundial was built in 2001.