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The sundials presented on this page are the creations of Shaul Adam. Shaul planned and designed all the sundials that you see here. The dials are made from hand crafted ceramic tiles and are very durable as well as being beautiful. The ceramic work was done by his cousin Shlomit Arei (Adam) who is a professional ceramics craftswoman. If you wish to contact Shaul send an e-mail to:

Anallematic Sundial This is an analemmatic sundial located at "The Land of Israel Museum" in Tel-Aviv. This type of sundial does not have hour lines but hour points located along an ellipse. The larger tiles running up the center of the dial would be marked with a scale of dates. The gnomon is normally a vertical rod but for this dial it is a person standing on the scale at a point corresponding to the date they visit the dial. Their shadow would give the time.

This is a vertical declining sundial located at a private residence near Tel Aviv. This dial is declining (facing) west a number of degrees as the gnomon, a thin rod, will not cast a shadow on the dial face until it is almost 10a.m. This sundial is made from sixteen individual ceramic tiles. It must have taken great skill to paint all the hour lines and border with the accuracy necessaty to ensure that everything was in alignment when the dial was put together. Vertical Sundial

Horizontial Sundial This is a horizontal sundial made of ceramic. It is located at a private residence near Tel Aviv.

This is a vertical declining sundial made from nine individual ceramic tiles. It is 76 cm. square. The picture of the globe on the top of the dial is an ancient map of the world. This sundial is located on Shaul's home. Vertical Sundial

Vertical Sundial This is a vertical declining sundial made from 4 individual ceramic tiles. It is 60 cm. square. It is located at a private residence near Tel Aviv.

This horizontal sundial is Shaul's first sundial and it is a real beauty. He made it from marble and it is 35 cm. square. He learned how to engrave marble by watching a grave stone mason. Shaul's first sundial.

Portable equatorial sundial. This is a portable equatorial sundial. It is made from a piece of acrylic. It is mounted on the base of an old binocular microscope which allows it to adjusted for the appropriate latitude.
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