Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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Maker's Mark

Diallists from the present and days gone by "sign" their sundials using a "maker's mark". This mark may consist of the initials of their name or a symbol that holds some special meaning to them.  Some diallists are so well known that they are immediately recognized by their mark. This is true of diallists from the past and present. Quite certainly every mark has a story behind it. If you have a "maker's mark", please send it and its story. It will be posted here for all to enjoy. If you do not have one consider designing one and send it in. Make sure to use it!

The entries have been placed in alphabetical order.

David M. Brown

David M. Brown

David is the owner of "David Brown Sundials". He writes:

"Here's my maker's mark. My initials are DMB which in lower case letters are symmetrical dmb, so I joined them together, which gives the top line. Since most of my work is making stone sundials, I included an ancient scratch dial below it with canonical hours shown with a cross. The example in the picture is actually on a headstone, and is large in comparison to those that I put on sundials where I usually use a simplified form which can be scribed quite easily if on a stone such as slate slate. Also included in the second photo is an example of my mark on a slate dial."

Both marks are shown here, with the smaller one used on sundials.

Hendrik Hollander
Hendrik is the owner of "Analemma Sundials". He writes:

"Attached you find my mark. It's a simplified "H". Also it represents the earth and the equator, tilted at 52 degrees, which is the latitude of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I live."

Tony Moss
Tony Moss Tony is the owner of "Lindisfarne Sundials". He writes:

"The majority of my earlier dials have no identification but, bowing to pressure from Fred Sawyer among others, I then designed the attached. There's no special story to it. Just the initial letters for 'Tony Moss Lindisfarne Sundials' and a simplified sun face to separate them."

JoŽl Robic
Joel Robic Joel is the webmaster of "Cadran Solaires Originaux" ("Original Sundials"). He writes:

"My maker's mark is : JR as Joel Robic. The story is that I would like it to be read in both directions as sometimes sundials could be read in different directions. Not so easy with J and R."