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Pinawa Heritage Sundial Conceptual Design
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Much of the year 2001 was spent completing the construction of the sundial in preparation for the grand unveiling. Some site landscaping was done and in particular the viewing hill at the north end of the site.

In preparation for future site lighting and other power needs an electrical service was installed.

This is Rose Drynan. Rose is a local artist and avid gardener who has many wonderful ideas and the great thing is that she can carry them out. Rose painted a beautiful vertical sundial that we hope to erect soon.

For the hill Rose came up with a unique idea. The town recycling depot has been crushing glass bottles and stockpiling it as there is nowhere to dispose of it. It was free for the taking and Rose though it would be a good medium to create a path up the hill. She was right.

We were able to get various colours; white, brown, green and a little bit of blue.

The young fellow in the background is Gib Drynan. He likes to help too!

Rose Drynan

The viewing hill. The viewing hill was built with a clay base. The material came from construction sites in town. Crushed limestone was spread and compacted to form the path. Top soil was spread on the slopes of the hill so that various plants could be grown.

This view is from the top of the hill.

Numerous plants were donated by people from the community. Gardening is a challenge as there is very little the local white-tailed deer won't eat. Junipers were collected from the ditches and transplanted into the hill. 

From the top of the hill.

Looking up the hill. The design Rose created is beautiful looking up the hill. When the sun shines on the glass it glitters like millions of diamonds. An extraordinary sight!

The crushed glass was put through a screen to remove the large pieces before it was spread on the path. The crushing process removed the sharp edges from the glass and you can put your hand into it without getting cut.

We attempted to set the glass as it wants to move. Unfortunately this was not successful. Shortly after completion there was a humongous rain storm. So, study the pictures carefully because if you come to visit this is not what you see. The rains destroyed the definition between the colours but the path none the less still looks great.

A close-up of one of the flowers.

Can you guess what it is? Drop me an email with your guess.

Flower detail.

Electrical distribution panel. The electrical distribution panel is located on the base of the light standard that was located at the south end of the site. It provides up to 100 amps at 110/220 Vac. The lower box contains a number of receptacles from which power can be accessed.

Plans for further landscaping the site are under way this winter so come back next year and see what will have been done.


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