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Our Time Capsule and the fellows who built it.

This is a photograph of our time capsule. It is one of the fundraising projects which we have underway.

The fellows you see in this photograph were all involved in some way in the design and construction of the time capsule. The time capsule may look simple but many talents were involved in its construction; millwright, welder, pipefitter, sandblaster, gasket construction and designer. We are very thankful for all the help we were able to get to complete this project. The construction of this time capsule would not have been possible without the help of these people.

The time capsule is constructed from a recycled stainless steel tank. It is approximately 2 feet in diameter and 3 feet tall. The top is held in place with 24 bolts and is sealed with a neoprene gasket. There are two lifting lugs which will be used to lower and the capsule into its resting place and raise back out when the time comes. Both the interior and exterior of the capsule were sandblasted to clean the surface.

You can't see them but on the side and top of the capsule are two small ports. The side is an inlet port and is attached to a small stainless steel tube which goes to the bottom of the tank. The top is an outlet port. Once all the items are in the capsule, the top will be bolted down and the gasket will create a seal. The capsule will then be purged by attaching a tank of inert gas to the inlet port and allowing the air to vent to through the outlet port. When the purging is complete the ports will be sealed. It is hoped that by purging the capsule with inert gas, this will help preserve the items inside.

You might be wondering what we plan to do with the time capsule. Well, the intention is to place it in a vault on the sundial site. And rather than leave the time capsule in place for 50, 75 or 100 years it would be removed every 10 years. This event would occur on the Pinawa birthday celebration weekend. The contents of the capsule would be displayed, new items collected and then the capsule would be placed back in the vault for another 10 years. In this way those who participate will have an opportunity to see the time capsule contents a number of times.

Now how can you participate in Time Capsule 2000 and help build the Pinawa Heritage Sundial? Here's how:

  • For $2.00 you can have your name entered in the Guest Book along with where you live and a short comment. If you are in Pinawa you can enter your name personally by going to South Interlake Credit Union located in the mall. Or else you can send a note.
  • For $10.00 you can send a photograph or letter which would be placed in the time capsule.
  • If you have any other ideas please write and tell us about your request.

If being in the time capsule is not for you but you still would like to contribute toward the sundial, please check out "Your Moment In Time."

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