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Pinawa Heritage Sundial Conceptual Design
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The Grand Unveiling of the Pinawa Heritage Sundial took place on July 14, 2001 at 1:30 p.m. The ceremony was part of Pinawa's annual birthday celebration. Approximately 300 people were in attendance and it turned out to be a very special event. The following article and photos are reproduced with the permission of the town's local paper called "The Paper".

During the parade that took place in the morning "Mr. Gnomon" made his debut to the delight of all the crowds.

"Mr. Gnomon" The latest in gnomonic attire! Chris Elcock, now known as "Mr. Gnomon", displays the latest creation of Rhonda Kennedy Rogers. This will certainly become what everyone aiming for the stars will be wearing.

Heritage Sundial unveiled to an enthusiastic audience

Grand Unveiling of the Pinawa Heritage Sundial
From left to right: Barb and Carl Sabanski, Lillian Tankard (Culture and Tourism), Culture, Heritage & Tourism Minister Ron Lemieux, MLA Darren Praznik, Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard, Mayor Len Simpson, Resident Administrator Gary Hanna and Cst. Brunet

"This sundial is about history and identity," says mayor Len Simpson. "It combines 10,000 years of history with our more recent heritage of energy research and a continuing technological emphasis with our new technology companies ..."

The sundial was built with recycled and local materials, technology and labour, and underscored the tremendous level of volunteer spirit in the community. Barb Sabanski acknowledged the support of all those who contributed both time and money, and lauded her husband's efforts, without whose experise and vision the project surely would not have come to pass. His dedication wasmet with resounding cheers from the audience.

Congratulations to all!

Barbara and Carl Sabanski
Barbara and Carl Sabanski

"If you think you can, you can," says Barb Sabanski, and she and her husband Carl put some truth to that when they very happily took part in the unveiling and dedication of the Pinawa Heritage Sundial. A good-sized crowd was on hand Saturday afternoon to hear speeches and good wished from federal, provincial and local politicians, and to enjoy a very special moment in Pinawa's history. Barb read a letter from the Deputy Prime Minister Herb Grey, who called the sundial "a legacy for future generations."

Pinawa Heritage Sundial
Pinawa Heritage Sundial

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