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Pinawa Heritage Sundial Conceptual Design

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This page is dedicated to all the people who volunteered their time to help make the Pinawa Heritage Sundial a reality. Through your efforts you demonstrated a commitment to our community and an understanding of the importance that all projects will have in our future development. It is people like you that make a community a great place to live and a great place to visit. Otherwise, what do you have?

Thank you for all your help!

Should you notice your name missing or know of someone who has helped and is not listed, please let us know. We don't want to miss anyone!

Please keep scrolling down so that you don't miss the list.

The year 2001 is dedicated as the "International Year of Volunteers" and celebrates the people that give freely of their time to help others. For more information about this special event in Canada please visit their web site.

International Year of Volunteers
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Canada Millennium Partnership Program Western Economic Diversification CanadaWinnipeg River Brokenhead Community Futures Development Corp. Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Local Government District of Pinawa


Barbara Sabanski Project co-ordinator, motivator, etc.
Carl Sabanski Sundial technical design, etc.
Barrie Burnett Surveyor - Barrie's pretty much surveyed the whole town!
LGD Staff Local Government District of Pinawa - lots of stuff
Jeff Harding Structural design
Les Crosthwaite Heritage icon research and written descriptions
Roger Dutton Heritage icon research and written descriptions
Jeff Long Heritage icon research and written descriptions
PCDC & PIC Promotion, fundraising
Gerry Lange Time Capsule - Craftsman in both metal and wood.
Mike Wayne Time Capsule - Give it to Mike. He can weld anything.
Richard Farquhar Time Capsule - Mechanical designer and finder of parts.
Bill Sitar Time Capsule - Sandblasted it real good - inside & out.
Kerry Beauchamp Time Capsule - You try to make a 3' diameter rubber gasket.
Gary Buchanan Time Capsule - Pressure test positive. Good work guys!
Rick Backer Time Capsule - Thanks for bringing it home Rick.
Gerry Dougall Project name
Dennis Graham Fundraising, photography
Rustic Charms Gift Shop Keeper of the Time Capsule - for some time.
Fred Bilsky Gnomon design - redrew the entire thing in AutoCAD
Clive Schultz Gnomon construction, cutting rail - incredible help!
Glenn Graham Gnomon construction
Bill MacDonald Gnomon construction, gnomon drainage system
Steve Berry Gnomon construction
Ervin Hemminger Gnomon construction
Bud Biddiscombe Granite tile templates layout
Glenn Honke Fabrication of wood templates for granite tiles
Stan Kekish Fabrication of wood templates for granite tiles
Richard Suski Site electrical installation