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"Your Moment in Time" is a great way for you to help in the construction of the Pinawa Heritage Sundial. For $20.00 you can buy one minute of the day. Get a moment for yourself, a relative, a friend or as a memoriam for someone who was special in your life. You have 25 characters for each minute to write whatever you wish.

What we will do is place plaques at the sundial site which will display "Your Moment in Time" along with those of everyone else who participates. Each plaque will have four minutes engraved on it. Four minutes is the time the sun takes to move one degree across the sky.

Also, if you get a moment in time your name will be entered in the Guest Book of Time Capsule 2000.

Remember that the minutes are slowly ticking away. There are only 1440 minutes in a day! So get "Your Moment in Time" soon before time runs out.

If you would like to see who has participated in "Your Moment in Time" please go to the contributors page.

Should you wish to participate, please print out the contribution form. Don't forget to include the address of your home page should you want us to include a link to it.

Your Moment in Time
Contributors Page
Your Moment in Time
Contribution Form
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