Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29 The Sundial Primer
created by Carl Sabanski
Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.29

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"The Sundial Primer"


The Sundial Primer - Get "Hooked on Gnomonics"!


Get "Hooked on Gnomonics"!

GNOMONICS: the science of sundialling.

The Sundial Primer on CD

Over 1400 bonus charts and images available only on the CD!


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Get "Hooked on Gnomonics" at "Sunny Day U"!

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Information available on 39 different sundials!

Sundials and Dialling

Kinds of

Types of Sundials
Equatorial Sundial
Wide Gnomon Equatorial Sundial
Equatorial Ring Sundial
Digital Equatorial Sundial
Gnomon-less Equatorial Sundial
Analemmic Sundial
Globe Sundial
Horizontal Sundial
Vertical South Sundial
Vertical North Sundial
Vertical East / West Sundials
Vertical Declining Sundial
Stained Glass Sundial
Incl / Recl / Procl Sundials
Window Sundial
Polar Sundial
Double Gnomon Polar Sundial
Cycloid Polar Sundial
Analemmatic Sundial
Universal Analemmatic Sundial
Foster-Lambert Sundial
Double Foster-Lambert Sundial
Universal Foster-Lambert Sundial
Noon Sundial
Cube Sundial
Diptych Sundial
Cross Sundial
Star Sundial
Cylinder Sundial
Flag Sundial
Horizontal Altitude Sundial
Azimuthal Sundial
Shadow Plane Sundial
Hours Before Sunset Sundial
Bifilar Sundial
Universal Bifilar Sundial

Other Devices

Design Information
Latitude and Longitude
Longitude Correction
The Wide Gnomon
Gnomon Height
Finding True North / South
Finding East / West
Declination of a Wall
Latitude Correction
North vs South
Sunny Stuff
Refraction of Light
EoT Booklet & Calendar
Sun Charts

Dial Furniture
Declination Lines
The Zodiac
Altitude Lines
Azimuth Lines
Maker's Mark

Web Sites
Building a Monumental Sundial
Computer Aided Dialling (CAD)
DeltaCad Sundial Macros
Dialling with QBASIC
"SUN" created by Ricardo Cernic
Excel Sundials
Sundial Mailing List


Get "Hooked on Gnomonics" at "Sunny Day U"!

Kids! --- Teachers! --- Diallists!


Come and visit and you will find:

 Graphical SundialsSundial KitsSundial Software

For both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

Paper sundial kits for 21 types of sundials available in 74 models.

Some of the many sundial models.

Equatorial Sundial, Polar Sundial, Cycloid Polar Sundial, Cross Sundial, Equatorial Ring Sundial, Star Sundial, Horizontal/Analemmatic Sundial, CD Sundial, Gnomon-less Equatorial Sundial, Universal Analemmatic Sundial, Digital Equatorial Sundial, Standard Time Equatorial Sundial, Globe Sundial, Universal Ring Sundial, Pinwheel Equatorial Sundial, Universal Horizontal Sundial, Universal Foster-Lambert Sundial, Universal Bifilar Sundial, Standard Time Equatorial Ring Sundial, Universal Hours Before Sunset Sundial


Virtual Sundials

Check out the virtual sundials page.

Just what is "Extreme Dialling"?

Get your FREE SDU "Cool Tools"!

Every solar time sundial needs a "Correct-A-Dial" !

SDU "Cool Tool" "Correct-A-Dial" Calculator SDU "Cool Tool"

Or a "Correct-A-Dial II"!

SDU "Cool Tool" "Correct-A-Dial II" SDU "Cool Tool"

Equation of Time & Longitude Correction

Need help with your sundial project?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Dialling Buddy" SDU "Cool Tool"

You need a "Dialling Buddy"!

Do you want to build a sundial but feel lost?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Dialling Guides" SDU "Cool Tool"

Let a "Dialling Guide" show you the way!

Over 2500 Horizontal, Vertical North, South, East & West, Polar, Double Gnomon Polar,
 Analemmatic (Human Sundial), Shadow Plane & Equatorial Ring Sundial Templates...PLUS MORE!

Which way does that wall go?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Wall Declinometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

The "Wall Declinometer" will let you know!

Planning a "Quest for Sundial"?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Check-A-Dial" SDU "Cool Tool"

Don't forget to take the "Check-A-Dial"! need to find the true north-south line.

SDU "Cool Tool" "SNOURTHometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

Sleuth it out with the "SNOURTH-ometer"!

Are you inclined to build an inclining sundial?

SDU "Cool Tool" "Inclinometer" SDU "Cool Tool"

First find the inclination with the "Inclinometer"!

Learning about sundials is a lot of fun and making your own simple sundial that will actually work is even more fun and a lot easier than you think.  "Sunny Day U" has something for diallists of all ages. There you will find "Easy Make Sundials" and "Long Hand Sundials". There are also a number of great paper sundial kits. In no time you will be building your very own sundial. And don't forget to get your "Correct-A-Dial" calculator and "Dialling Buddy".

So get "Hooked on Gnomonics" at "Sunny Day U".  Our door is always open.

Get "Hooked on Gnomonics" at "Sunny Day U"!

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